Free Libya

Libya goes through a crucial but important moment for
its history. We have long awaited this moment.
The time of revolt and revolution against Gaddafi has finally come! The Libyans have buried their fears. Determined, they are willing to overcome all psychic  and materials obstacles for  finally “sweep” the megalomaniac dictator. His excesses, his mafia behavior and his bloodthirsty shall quit the political and social landscape of the country. And Libya can finally hope to get out of an era of diffuse tyranny, an era without standards of political organization (no constitution, no fundamental laws, nor separation of powers, whether political and judicial structures …), an era where only the “guide” decided, governs beings and souls, mate kill and eliminate  in the name of true “revolution”. Gaddafi, burlesque and brutal, will finally fall. He certainly played his all alone against all, as he always has. Every moment counts in this war between the Libyans against a private army.

Gaddafi plays his dirty little war. Like Nero.

He can use all his weapons and support. He has an air force. He controls the strategic road along the coast. He has his dollars. But the Libyan people have will and determination. Nobody can stop this mouvement.

Libya is standing up with all its social force  and shall overcome. I’m a libyan Berber, who lived in France for 28 years after fleeing  Gaddafi’s repression. I would like to express and share this historic moment as a  long time opponent of the regime. All forces in Libya, both inside and outside, refugees or exiles, must form a solid front to first deal with the expressed will of the junta to punish the people. And then we have to prepare for the construction of a new Libya, free and democratic, pluralistic and secular where all Libyans, whatever their origin, language, religion, opinion and culture can find a space for expression, creation and development. Libya is a politically culturally and linguistically diverse, strong and rich in its diversity. The future is to be built together.

Othman Bensassi For any contact: othman.bensasi @


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